12 Month Diet Rotation

12 Month Diet Rotation

12 Month Diet Rotation for 2018 PLR Out Of Tiffany Lambert — TONS of dieting plr advice!

Front End $17 for 60 Brand New Pages!

That is a bundle of 12 reports
Different type of diet plan that viewers can try out on a monthly
rotation schedule or just to find one to stick to that works best for them.

Starts with a 1-2 paragraph debut about finding the Perfect kind of
Diet or weight loss plan and then introduces one particular solution they might
wish to contemplate…

Every report has the following sections:

— Basic Principles of the Diet Program
— Who the Diet Works Best For
— How to Make Prepared with this Diet
— Sample Meal Plan for the Diet
— Tips to Increase Success on this Diet

The twelve diet programs are:

1. Mindful Eating Diets — 5 and a half pages, 2,577 words
2. Calorie Control Diets — 5 and a half of page, 2,474 words
3. Low Carb Diets — 5 and a half of page, 2,533 words
4. Meal Replacement Diets — 5 and a half of page, 2,318 words
5. Fasting Diets — 5 and a half of page, 2,441 words
6. Sugar Detox Diets — 5+ webpage, 2,215 words
7. Meatless Dieting — 5+ webpage, 2,186 words
8. Paleo Diet — 5-page, 2,152 words
9. 3-Hour Metabolism Boosting Diet — 5+ webpage, 2,332 words
10. Blood Sugar Diet — 5+ webpage, 2,274 words
11. Mediterranean Diet — 5+ webpage, 2,238 words
12. Low Fat Diet — 5+ webpage, 2,245 words

OTO 1 $27 to 108 Brand New Pages!

That is a “Planners and Review Pack” which means
Each one of the aforementioned 12 diets has a set of 5 product reviews of
mostly novels for your diet plansand a few kitchen gadgets on
some of the diet programs — plus a 4-page planner to allow them to
monitor their achievement.

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Diet and Exercise PLR Worth $1,210
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I took nearly every daily diet and exercise PLR package from
My packaged it up and PLR Mini Mart. It includes:

Wearable Technology PLR (Value $60)
Building Muscle Mega PLR (Value $58)
hCG Mega Pack (Value $57)
Diet APAP (Value $57)
2014 New Year Diet Success Plan (Value $52)
Blast Fat and Build Abs eBook (Value $50)
hCG eBook (Value $50)
50 Diet Tips for 2012 (Value $50)
New Eating Habits for Sudden Weight Loss (Value $40)
2010 Diet Plan PLR(Value $38)
Protein for Weight Loss Bundle (Value $38)
Fitness Motivation OTO (Value $33)
Meal Prep OTO 1 (Value $33)
Ditch Your Dad Bod OTO 1 (Value $31)
Bodyweight Bundle (Value $30)
Healthy Kitchen FE (Value $30)
Healthy Kitchen OTO (Value $30)
Ditch Your Dad Bod FE (Value $20)
Protein Energy PLR Product Reviews (Value $20)
dinner Prep FE (Value $20)
Stick to Your Diet (Value $20)
That Is Why You’re Fat FE (Value $20)
Overeating (Value $15)
Belly Fat (Value $15)
Crossfit PLR (Value $15)
15 Sensible Diet Tips (Value $11)
What’s Yoga PLR (Value $10)
Fitness Accessories (Value $10)
Beach Body (Value $10)
Cardio Fitness Reviews (Value $10)
Kettlebell PLR (Value $10)
Xtreme Fat Loss Presell Report (Value $8.50)
Healthy Nutrition Niche Starter Outline (Value $8)
Belly Fat Abs Autoresponders (Value $7)
Exercise (Value $7)
The Advantage of Meatless Meals Report Resell (Value $6.50)
Customized Fat Loss Presell Report (Value $6)
Exercise for Sedentary People (Value $6)
Is The Belly Fat Killing You? (Value $6)
The Ideal Way for Women to Lose Weight (Value $6)
Muscle Maximizer Presell Report (Value $6)
Truth About Abs Presell Report (Value $6)
Fat Loss Factor Presell Report (Value $6)
Fat Loss Through Safe Fasting (Value $6)
Truth About Fat Burning Foods Presell (Value $6)
Truth About Cellulite Presell Report (Value $6)
Growing Your Own Dietary Strategies (Value $5.50)
Yoga for Beginners (Value $5.50)
10 Ways to Secure Your Heart with Food (Value $5)
A Guide to Muscle Building Relief and Recovery (Value $5)
Bodybuilding (Value $5)
Belly Fat two (Value $5)
Bodyweight Training Autoresponders (Value $5)
Butt Exercises (Value $5)
Mobile Weight Loss (Value $5)
Cellulite PLR (Value $5)
sterile Eating PLR (Value $5)
DASH Diet Versus TLC Diet (Value $5)
Dieting (Value $5)
Eating Foods That Burn Fat (Value $5)
Elliptical Trainers (Value $5)
Exercise at Home (Value $5)
Reduce Weight for Joint Health (Value $5)
Exercise Equipment for your Office (Value $5)
Fat Busting Abs (Value $5)
Healthy Cooking 101 (Value $5)
Healthy Eating (Value $5)
How to Read a Food Nutritional Label (Value $5)
Hypnosis for Weight Loss Blog Posts (Value $5)
Low Impact Exercise Guide (Value $5)
Intermittent Fasting (Value $5)
Muscles on Guys Who Make Women Drool (Value $5)
Replace These Diet Fads With Better Weight Loss (Value $5)
Lose Fat using a Focus on Fiber (Value $5)
The Advantage of Exercise per Senior (Value $5)
The Advantage of Getting Brown Fat in Your Own Body (Value $5)
Best Fitness Trends for 2013 (Value $5)
Weight Loss for Women Autoresponders (Value $5)
Women Who Lose Weight and Keep It Off (Value $5)
6 Ways to Cook Healthier (Value $4)