Reasons To Lose Weight And Shedding The Pounds With The Paleo Diet

You may look fabulous if you lose weight. And you also decrease your chances of heart attacks when you’re slim and light. If these reasons are not motivating enough to make you hit the gym or consider losing weight, then the following best reasons to lose weight should make you put your training pants on.

• Your elbows and knees would have less burden to carry when you’re not obese, and that should help postpone joint or bone-related diseases. In other words, the likeliness of getting osteoarthritis with obesity is higher.

• Your night’s sleep would be better. Losing weight helps regulate hormone systems, metabolism, etc. It also decreases your likeliness of not breathing when asleep, which is also called sleep apnea.

• Your immune system would be restored to its original, functional condition. And this means you’ll have fewer infections, less colds, and a much healthier routine life.

• Thinner women or women who have good amount of healthy body fat are likely to survive childbirth and surgery better compared to obese ladies.

How the Paleo Diet Helps with Weight Loss

You look up any Paleo diet cookbooks, you would often come across the reference of the Paleo diet being a caveman’s diet. This is because the diet focuses more on animal products such as fish and meat, besides a lot of fruits, nuts, and vegetables. The Paleo diet may not necessarily help every individual lose weight, but it certainly would be a much healthier eating choice than what most people across the globe are currently eating.

Fullness Factor

To lose weight, it’s important to feel full during most periods of the day. Hunger is something that cannot be countered by will power. Generally, people on a Paleolithic diet are much likelier to report increased feelings of satiety compared to people on traditional diets.

Portion Control

Most people get on-board with the Paleo diet assuming they can eat as much as they want and not worry about piling up the calories. Though vegetables, fruits, lean red meat, poultry, berries and fish are low-calorie food items, it doesn’t mean they won’t spike up the calorie intake when taken in unlimited proportions. Therefore, control calorie consumption by decreasing portion sizes and stopping when you feel satisfied. If you aren’t shedding the pounds, reduce your serving sizes.


A Paleo diet is protein-rich, besides being lower in carbohydrates and higher in fat. Higher protein can increase satiety levels. It also promotes fat loss and muscle maintenance and increases calorie burn. With a protein-rich diet, you are accelerating the speed at which you lose weight.

The Paleo diet is a fairly deep subject and its fundamentals and various aspects cannot be covered in a single article. Therefore, if you’d like to learn more about the Paleo diet, go through Paleo cookbooks, which shall focus on Paleo recipes and how beneficial those can be.