The ‘Magic Diet Pill’

I saw an ad without any diets or exercise the evening offering a supplement which can help drop 20-50 pounds on Facebook. The ad stirred up plenty of opinions in addition to a bit of controversy from coaches and various health coaches. While I decided not to comment, I was discouraged and disheartened as I realised just how many people were interested in what product this woman had to offer you.

Everybody wants convenient outcomes without putting in effort and the time. They believe that somewhere, there has to be a secret formula which permits people to shortcut science and also allows them to … well … cheat.

Denying that the procedure could result in some issues also, although not only a few side effects while some diets, diet pills and also ridiculously excessive exercise might help you shed weight temporarily.

The ‘Magic Diet Pill’ - And Other Stupid Weight-Loss Ideas

Diet Pills

Diet pills are believed supplements, and are not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). That responsibility is left to the producers, who might not review their products for effectiveness or safety. And like prescription drugs, supplements may have side effects which could be harmful. Some supplements may cause problems or negate the advantages of drugs prescribed by a physician. TIP: Always do your homework when thinking about a supplement. Research the item and its ingredients to ensure the benefits outweigh the dangers.

Extreme Dieting

Extreme dieting may do much more harm than making someone lethargic, grouchy and unhappy. The consequences can be shocking. Your body’s metabolism will slow (trying to conserve energy) when it realizes it is not being fueled with meals. Our bodies do not know the distinction between diet and starvation. They gain back all the weight lost and a few more, when a diet becomes more unsustainable and a person returns to a standard food intake.

Extreme dieting can cause a physical (in addition to mental) breakdown of their body. Ask anybody who has been “hangry” while exercising. Similar to asking your automobile to keep functioning without putting gas from the tank trying to function on this a low-calorie diet is. At some point your body (like your car) will stop.


A lot of folks feel that if some is good, more must be better. Taking exercise to extremes may have the reverse effect on our wellness objectives. Exercise is vital for a body. But overdoing it may void the advantages, and cause also a breakdown of their body and injury. Exercise should be practiced with weight loss and particular aims in mind to achieve outcome that were healthy.

Realistic expectations must be set when placing health objectives. Results are best attained when authentic effort is set forth, rather than reliance on a “secret formula,” unhealthy diets and radical amounts of exercise. Health is a lifestyle which shouldn’t be considered temporary. It is not how quickly you can take it off– it is just how long you can keep it off. And you ought to feel good doing it.