You ask,”What foods are you ?” #fitness #health #food

Several regional acquaintances and friends have asked me on my diet. I am happy that others have discovered a positive physical change in my look and, yes, the food I eat has to do with me looking and feeling fitter than I have lately. 

I am not on a diet, per se. How I eat does not have a title. However there are some principles I can talk with you who have worked .

Log food. I use MyFitnessPal (MFP) and invite you to join me. My diary is available if you’re interested in what my meals and snacks look like. Logging food is quite eye-opening. Within two weeks I figured out I had been probably flaxseed, couldn’t have a lot of carbs at once, and that animal fat did not like me.

Get tested.  I had chronic digestive angry, episodes of severe incapacitation, and much fatigue, and so I went into my physician and had a full physical to add blood work and an ultrasound of my intestine. I had been advised there was nothing incorrect.

Be constant. However there was something incorrect. Since I guessed that food had something to do with this, I went into a Naturopathic Doctor (ND.) I had been tested through extensive blood work. For me personally there was great news. I wasn’t allergic to any food. The bad news was that my intestine wasn’t working correctly and I had been protein deficient.

Let it go. My ND urged I eliminate dairy, gluten, and egg out of my diet. Plus, I had to increase my protein consumption dramatically while maintaining animal fat low. For many years I was able to enjoy cheese, pasta, and over-easy eggs however I had to say goodbye to those old buddies. I have new friends

Embrace your macronutrient self. To find everything to balance, I figured I had to consume 40:30:30 (Zone Diet ratio). Translation: 40% carbs, 30% protein, 30% fat. The normal American diet recommendation is 50:30:20. High carb (for runners) is 60:25:15 while low carb is 25:45:30. My very best guess is that every one of us may find health and happiness when we find our proper place on this continuum. Here is a macronutrient calculator to help.

Slow and steady. Actual change does not happen over night. It took weeks for me to figure out a number of my challenges, and I face more. It took weeks to execute what I had been studying, and I am still studying.

Accountability and networking.  I want my ND, chiropractor, loved ones, and MFPals, to get assistance. So much of the work is alone, alone work. I would like community to keep me motivated and honest. I learn so much from individuals around vegan, paleo, celiac, allergy-free, Zone, complete food, jogging, and other diets.

Overall. I had been tired and sick of being sick and tired! On Thanksgiving 2013, something snapped. I saw myself moving down a sick and exhausted spiral which was just worsening. Thus I started to conduct . When my throat and back ached, I went to the chiropractor. Then I started logging my food. In other words, 1 thing lead into another becauseto the best of my ability I had been determined to feel much healthier. Results come gradually when I am all in. This would be just too painful to perform half-way.

Start now. I am so thankful that I started when I did so. I am 1.5 years into this procedure and couldn’t be more happy. It all started with one step, one actual act, 1 behavior.

Failure? Who cares. Some days suck. I fail daily at this. And I don’t care. I just keep moving.

Goal Effects. I ran the two mile Turkey Trot Thanksgiving 2014. I lost 20 pounds. I fell a dimension. I have more energy. I sleep better. I ran an 8K. Positive, quantifiable effects are actual, concrete, and highly motivating.

Ongoing motivation. My youngest son will turn 10 shortly and my grandson is all but 1. I need to be here to get them long-term. My purpose is to become pleasing to God who created this mysterious and life-giving body of mine; to adore my husband, family, friends, and acquaintances with energy and generosity; and to be alive, to thrive. To be complete.

What is your relationship to food? What motivates you to perform your very best? Don’t hesitate to ask me questions related to the topic. I am pleased to share what I have learned. 

Thanks for asking and have a great weekend ~~~~~~~~ Angie Mc